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May & June 2022 update

Howdy!  I pray you're all doing well. I'd like to start off with two student testimonies and then launch into a slideshow of what has been going on! It's been a crazy couple of months. Here are our student testimonies below! One of them is from a sweet guy named Matthew from UNT, who actually got baptized very recently at SICM in Washington.  Worship at our End of Year Party! The rain held off thankfully, and we had a beautiful, sweet, fun time with our people for the end of the year.  Worship continued ... The Giant Beach Ball lives on The student leaders I had to privilege of discipling this year! They're a special group, and I'm thankful to call them friends. As you can tell, they really love me too ;)  A group pic with *some* of the students that we took to SICM in Washington this year! This is from downtown Seattle. This is the first time we were able to go back since May 2019! We put on our own SICM here in TX last year, but since going back up north, we reali

April 2022 update

 Happy April, everyone!  April is one of my favorite months. It's green, sunny, and of course we get to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. I personally have had a handful of highs and lows this year, but in the midst of that, God is faithful. His faithfulness has produced such good fruit and I can't wait to tell you about that. But first, our student testimony actually comes from a FOCUS alumni! She even served on our staff years ago. Please take a moment to read Dani Wu Howard's story.  Celebrating Keanna's birthday around a too smoky fire in the backyard. We had to move inside. Keanna is a student leader at TWU and has grown immensely in courage and love for others! She has blessed so many, including the girls she disciples at TWU. I was really encouraged that we had hundreds of students show up to our Pizza Theology around the biblical ethics of the body. It sparked many good conversations, prayers, and questions from our students. It was impressive that this many

March 2022 update

Howdy! Happy Spring everyone! We have a couple of things coming up and I can't wait to tell you about them. But first, our student testimony from Anubhav. I've met this guy before and he's such a blessing to our SMU ministry. Take a peek at his story.  Spring Showcase & SICM:  A couple of weekends ago, many of you came to our Spring Showcase fundraiser for SICM! Thank you so much. It was a huge success. Thank you all for praying and giving! If you didn't get to attend, you can watch it online at You can make a donation if you like, but you can also watch it without any sort of donation and see all the talented people in our community. It was a great show, that I got to help my friends Austin and Sarah emcee, and I hope you'll consider watching it if you didn't get to.  A challenge: with it being 3 years since we've gone to Washington for SICM, it's been a little difficult for our student body to understand why it's such a p

February 2022

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. Happy February! I'm so excited to share about this last month and an upcoming exciting event :) But first, our student testimony! Please read Ashley from UTA's story! Before I share photos, I want to invite all of you to Spring Showcase! Many of you who have been with me from the beginning are aware of it. Each year, hundreds of our college students from FOCUS are invited to attend the Student Institute of Campus Ministry where they learn the foundations of being student missionaries on their campus. The trip is pricy, but a worthy investment that pays off for the rest of their lives wherever they go. This is a leadership opportunity enriches, empowers, and equips students to be lights to their campus where it is not always so bright. To help fund this opportunity, we host a high quality benefit concert and artisan market with all the proceeds going to directly benefit the trip and conference. You can purchase at anyfocus

January 2022

Happy New Year!  I'm excited to update you guys on the last month. First, our student testimony from Collin College.  My lil sis in law and FOCUS student at UTD, Caroline holding Merry!  My mother in law feeding Merry Duchess potatoes through a piping bag because Merry had been a good girl  Me and Grant on Christmas eve  My dad and brother playing with my nephews on Christmas Eve  A Christmas gathering fulling of friends, students, and ministry partners Roasting marshmallows to celebrate all of us not being sick for once! Picture of the small group Grant and I host from Church on our Christmas game night  Mateo looking skeptical at small group about the game we're about to play  Even though I had a couple illnesses over the holidays, Christmas brought much needed celebration with loved ones.  Prayer request: please be praying for wisdom about Winter Camp as we approach that weekend. And be praying for our students and faculty as we return to campus with the new Omicron variant!