May & June 2022 update


I pray you're all doing well. I'd like to start off with two student testimonies and then launch into a slideshow of what has been going on! It's been a crazy couple of months. Here are our student testimonies below! One of them is from a sweet guy named Matthew from UNT, who actually got baptized very recently at SICM in Washington. 

Worship at our End of Year Party! The rain held off thankfully, and we had a beautiful, sweet, fun time with our people for the end of the year. 

Worship continued ...

The Giant Beach Ball lives on
The student leaders I had to privilege of discipling this year! They're a special group, and I'm thankful to call them friends. As you can tell, they really love me too ;) 

A group pic with *some* of the students that we took to SICM in Washington this year! This is from downtown Seattle. This is the first time we were able to go back since May 2019! We put on our own SICM here in TX last year, but since going back up north, we realized how much we needed it from our brothers and sisters in WA. Going to SICM in Washington where we got to learn from CCF was like being planted by streams of water, and it made me so much more thankful to have a relationship with that ministry up there. We had over 90 students and 19 pastors that went! Praise God! 

Sandra and I got to meet with friends from college and current ministry partners, MK and Cameron! They're new transplants from TX to Seattle. Please pray for these faithful friends of ours as they discern their mission in Seattle of disciples of Jesus. We love these people, and their cute dog, Lana! 

One of our students Theo waving hello from the conference! Please pray that these students would take their new skills and learning into the summer and next school year. Pray for renewal and revival on our campuses, and for our ministry to continue to be a light there! 

Thank you all for praying and giving so much. Love, Shayla. 


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