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July 2020 update

Hello, all!  As always, I am excited to update y'all on ministry, even if we are living in a Covid-19 world right now. First, I want you guys to take a minute to read Keanna's story below. I've gotten to know Keanna more this year and I think she is such a blessing to the people around her. Check it out!  What has summer been like? Obviously, Covid-19 has presented some unique limitations for all of us! Whether with work, family, friends, church, extra curricula's, etc. That's certainly true for us as well. However, Jesus is alive an active, and by his grace so is our ministry. Unique problems require some unique solutions! During a normal summer, I'd be spending time on a Thursday night with 300+ college students for a fellowship night, I'd be in a 40 person staff meeting on Mondays, I'd be meeting with groups of students throughout the week, meeting up with people who partner with me in ministry, meeting in groups to help other staff people fundraise,