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November '22 update

 Howdy folks!  I'm excited to update you on a couple things this month, but first our student testimony from Lexi at SMU. Please read her story. It's so encouraging!  Next I want to update you all on our annual Keep FOCUS Growing campaign! It's right around the corner on November 29th, Giving Tuesday. Every year, we have this massive fundraiser to raise money for things like administrative costs (so that pastors don't have to raise that in addition to their salaries), and to have money set aside for growth initiatives. The longterm vision of FOCUS is to be at every college in the DFW area! So, please prayerfully consider this fundraiser this holiday season. This year's theme is "Faithfully Local".  Attached after this graphic is a story from one of our own students, Mackenzie. Please read her story as well. Thank you guys so much for being faithful with us!