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March 2022 update

Howdy! Happy Spring everyone! We have a couple of things coming up and I can't wait to tell you about them. But first, our student testimony from Anubhav. I've met this guy before and he's such a blessing to our SMU ministry. Take a peek at his story.  Spring Showcase & SICM:  A couple of weekends ago, many of you came to our Spring Showcase fundraiser for SICM! Thank you so much. It was a huge success. Thank you all for praying and giving! If you didn't get to attend, you can watch it online at You can make a donation if you like, but you can also watch it without any sort of donation and see all the talented people in our community. It was a great show, that I got to help my friends Austin and Sarah emcee, and I hope you'll consider watching it if you didn't get to.  A challenge: with it being 3 years since we've gone to Washington for SICM, it's been a little difficult for our student body to understand why it's such a p