April update

Hey, everyone!

It's been a bit since my last post. I am excited to update you all on everything that has happened since March! But first, as always, I'm happy to share another student testimony with you. This one comes from a student at UTD named Sienna. Take a moment to read her testimony! God is really good, y'all.

Spring Showcase:
I just want to take a moment and say thank you for praying and contributing to our annual Spring Showcase fundraiser. God really provided through all of you, the students, and the performers ,and artists. Not to mention Bent Tree Bible Fellowship Church in Carrollton for being so gracious, supportive, and helpful to provide a space for us for this fundraiser. Spring Showcase is our annual fundraiser to help send over 100 students to a discipleship training conference in Bellingham, WA called SICM. Many cannot afford the 715 price, so this event is a way to help with that. Thank you again for praying for them! All of our students are fully fundr…


Happy spring, everyone!

I am so thankful for this time of year. The sun is out which means more vitamin D which means people generally happier... I think? Anyway, guessy-science jokes aside, I am pumped to fill y'all in on what's been going down in FOCUS town.

First, I want to update y'all about a sweet guy named Devin. I knew him when I was a student at UNT. He and I were a part of a group that would watch The Walking Dead on Sundays, and I always enjoyed hearing what he had to say about the show, what he was learning in school, and about his small group. I've witnessed him grow in boldness, and develop deep friendships over the years in our ministry. Take a moment to read his story! He's quite vulnerable here, but I think it has the potential to impact a lot of people struggle with intimacy in friendships.

Pizza Theology: Ready or he comes!
This was the legitimate title for our pizza theology this semester and it was about the second coming and the titl…

February update

Hey, everyone!

It's been a little while. I can't wait to tell you what's been happening in our ministry since my last update. But first, we have our first student testimony to share with you from SMU. This is really exciting because FOCUS at SMU is new this year and already a handful of people have found their home through FOCUS Canterbury (the SMU name for FOCUS). Here is Candice's story.


As the Spring semester starts at Collin we deal with a number of transitions. We encounter a whole new group of students who decide to start and our ministry experiences a second wave of interest. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, we host a formal outreach to meet new students, and if they're interested, we invite them into our lives and to FOCUS. It's hard for our staff to tell from the inside to see if there is any fruit, but after reflecting on it, we have experienced new people who are excited to learn more about Jesus, more people who are attending our Thursday Nigh…

January update

Hey guys,

Happy new year! As always, I am excited to share our student update for the month. It's particularly exciting because it is someone from our campus at Collin College. Graham a good guy with a great heart and I'm excited to continue to work with him.

Keep Focus Growing:

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and prayed for this campaign. Through y'alls support, and many other, God provided extravagantly and we went past the 50,000 goal. The official numbers are not in yet, but when they are I will be sure to let you know! Again, thank you so much for your generosity and compassion for our students, and for us.

Winter Camp:

My favorite event of the year is upon us. As many of you know, the first winter camp I attended with FOCUS was January 2013. I was in a weird place, mentally and had been for a long time. I didn't expect to encounter something so big when I went, but I can tell you that event was a catalyst for me turning towards God, for real for the f…

November update!

Happy November, everyone!

This month's student testimony is from a guy named Josh over at our Richland FOCUS community. I actually got to know Josh a little bit during our trip to SICM this past May. He even got baptized during that trip, and though I don't know him super well, it's cool to read a more personal testimony and share his story with all of you! These are the kids y'all are investing in, and God is blessing them through you. Thank you for supporting our ministry! Read his story here:

Campus outreach:

Thank you so much for continuing to pray for our campuses and for the students we meet! During our formal campus outreach, we present questions about faith to the students at Collin College. Questions like "What do you pray for?", "Who do think Jesus is?", and "How can we pray for you?". It's been cool to see students being open to have these discussion and share thoughts even if they aren't necessarily from a Christian bac…

October update

Happy fall, everyone!

Every time the weather gets nice, I get so excited. We only have a few months where scarves, boots, and coats are necessary and I am patiently awaiting for that day. I own way too many scarves for a woman who lives in Texas, but I'm excited to wear one maybe starting around Thanksgiving? Who knows.

I am so excited to tell you guys about this past month of campus ministry! First, I would like for you to read sweet Jocelyn's story.

Fall Camp Thank you all so much for praying for our fall camp! We had over a hundred students show up this year which is crazy big for a community college. Success isn't about numbers, but it was cool to see this many people show up. At fall camp, we played games, ate chik-fil-a, heard sermons from Garrett and Pedro, and participated in different forms of worship together. I know this experience was uncomfortable for a lot of people because it was uncomfortable for me at my first fall camp 5 years ago (yikes, im old), but it s…

September update

Happy Fall, family, friends and supporters!

I am so excited that the school year is in full swing, and I am very grateful to get to hi light some of my favorite memories from the beginning of the school year so far.

Our first student testimony of the year comes from a guy named Michael who is a part of our UTD ministry. Please take a moment to read his story!

Welcome Week Typically during the first week of the school year at Collin, we will have one week of events to meet new students on campus and invite them into our community. Side note: we also do this throughout the whole year, it's just in a more concentrated way at the beginning of the year. This year we got to spend the first two weeks of school doing outreach events like Bad Tattoos, Football Bowling (fowling, or footbowling), and Where's Waldo just to name a few (pictures will follow). My favorite thing isn't necessarily the event itself, or the amount of people that come to FOCUS because of it. My favorite things…