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October update

Happy Fall, y'all!  As I'm writing this, it is cool yet sunny 60 degrees outside. (Thank God). I am very surprised at how quickly the weather has changed, not only that but at how it seems it will stay that way for a while. I hope you are able to enjoy the weather at least a little bit this week, if that's your thing of course. Student Testimony As always, I like to start this blog off with our monthly student testimony. A lot of times I know who the student is, but this month I don't. And I say that to emphasize how far the reach of this community is in our vast metroplex! And that's exciting and it's the vision that you are investing in. So, thank you. Please take a moment to read Veronica's testimony. Prayer Requests: - Please pray that God would be delivering people from slavery with his truth - Please pray for Spirit to be welcome and active in people's lives - Lastly, please pray for God's will to be done here Fall Camp Every ye