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August 2023

Hey everyone! It's been a minute. A lot has happened since I last updated and I'm excited to give you some hilights. First, our alumni testimony. This one is special because it's from a friend named Jessica whom I met during my first year with FOCUS staff! It's really neat to read her story and see how far the Lord has brought her. Take a peak!  Let me just say God is good and the amount of interest we have seen in Jesus and Christian community since school has started could not be pulled off on our efforts alone. We're simply joining him in what he is already doing. Here are some pictures to give you a glimpse. Thank you for investing in them! Playing games with new students at the campus Fuzzy's A couple of our male staff with some of our male leaders! After and epic game of capture the flag Campus worship night! 106 degree heat in public on campus. This was a joint ministry effort with a few other campus ministries. Several students joined by seeing what was