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July update

Hey, friends, family, and supporters! I'm excited to tell you all about my summer! But first, I'd like you to take a moment to read this sweet testimony from my friend Ismael. I went to UNT with this guy, and my heart is so full to see how God has really worked in his life. You can read his story below: SICM Debrief Last month, I told you guys all about SICM and how God was working in our students lives there. About a month after we got home, our Collin staff decided to get together with our students who had been to SICM and have a conversation about what God had laid on there hearts since getting back from Washington. It was so encouraging to hear our students talk about humility, faithfulness, grace, and the importance of reaching out to other people. Our students built friendships rooted in Christ, and it was so great to hear what they had to say about what God has been teaching them. I am so excited for these guys and gals to influence our community the way they