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July update

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Please take a moment to read this month's student testimony. This one is a little closer to my heart because I got to spend some time with Harrison this past semester. Out of seemingly nowhere, this guy started helping us set up for Thursday Night Fellowship every week at Collin College. But of course it wasn't out of nowhere, it was because he had been invited by a student in our ministry to be a part of what God was doing and Harrison said yes. He even moved into a house with a bunch of our crazy Collin guys, and it's blessed him and his new room mates immensely. Summer Focus: During the summer, everyone who stays in town is welcome to come to our collective Thursday Night Focus in Richardson. We have around 200 - 300 students show up every week. We have been going through a really neat sermon series about the temptations that Jesus faced and how this reflects the temptations we face as disciples. It's been really neat, and peopl