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October '22 update

Happy Fall, Y'all!  Here's our student testimony of the month. This comes from Ben at UTA!  Fall Camp: Thank you guys so much for praying for Fall Camp! We had around 140 show up. We played games, ate together, worshipped God together, prayed together, and they got to listen to alumni being interviewed and fellow students being interviewed on the topic of spiritual friendship. My own alumni-husband, Grant was one of the panel people. He talked about the sad trope of the loneliness of males and casted a vision for deep friendship well past college. It spurred two of our college students to initiate and get time with him! It's been neat to see the impact on our students already. After Fall Camp, a group of us went to Chili's for Drew's birthday (Drew is a co-pastor and married to one of our other co-pastors, Darby). There were probably 16 of us there. So even though we were all dog-tired, it was neat to get to spend more time with our students after Fall Camp.  Prayer