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August update

Hey, everyone! First up, we have our student testimony! This is one about Pita, one of our friends we met at NCTC a couple years ago, or as we like to call it "eensy teensy" because it really is so small and self contained. Please take a moment to read her touching testimony and learn more about the people our ministry has had the pleasure of being with. Staff Retreat: Every August and January, our entire staff of around 40+ people get together for a few days to get to know one another more deeply, to pray over the coming year and for our campuses, and to have fun. I feel very lucky to serve on a staff where many of these people are my close friends and people that have shown me that care about me and the people in our ministry. It's a time of reflection before the breakneck pace of the school year starts, and honestly it's a time that is anointed by the Lord. Denton staff 2018 - 2019 Apprentices: This year, we have 12 new apprentices! For those of y