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April 2022 update

 Happy April, everyone!  April is one of my favorite months. It's green, sunny, and of course we get to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. I personally have had a handful of highs and lows this year, but in the midst of that, God is faithful. His faithfulness has produced such good fruit and I can't wait to tell you about that. But first, our student testimony actually comes from a FOCUS alumni! She even served on our staff years ago. Please take a moment to read Dani Wu Howard's story.  Celebrating Keanna's birthday around a too smoky fire in the backyard. We had to move inside. Keanna is a student leader at TWU and has grown immensely in courage and love for others! She has blessed so many, including the girls she disciples at TWU. I was really encouraged that we had hundreds of students show up to our Pizza Theology around the biblical ethics of the body. It sparked many good conversations, prayers, and questions from our students. It was impressive that this many