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August Update

Hello!  Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I thought I would start this month off with some good news!  Good News: 1. Many of you have partnered with me in ministry, and I should tell you that I am fully fundraised! Thank you so much for your prayers, financal support, and generosity. I look forward to sharing about this new school year! And I get to do that because of your partnership. Thank you! 2. We have selected our student leader team for the year! Yay! Please be praying for humility and urgency for them, and for the people they will get to meet throughout the year.  This month, our student testimony comes from a girl who I actually got to sit next to on a plane on the way to Washington. Her name is Morgan, and it's so neat to re this and see how vulnerable and honest she is about how good God has been to her. Please take a moment to read this:  SOOT: This summer, our Collin team invited students to SOOT or Situational One on One Trainin