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December 2021

Hey, everyone!  I have lots to share. First I want to say thank you for praying and giving to Keep FOCUS Growing. God is so generous to work through people and their self-giving generosity. Here is a graphic of the goal! Also here is our student testimony update. Stories like hers are why we do things like Keep FOCUS Growing!  Here are some picture updates of the last month!  Grant and I dog sat for my sister-in-law. The doggos were a big hit with just about everyone. This is Katherine, getting some good time with Merry the Malamute.  Arianna and Pippin looking like they tolerate each other and that's just about it  Becca enjoying giving these pups their early morning belly rubs!  Keanna and Veronica resting next to the pups. A real Christmas miracle that they were tired! The dogs, not the humans.  Garrett from Collin FOCUS holding Sarah (UTD FOCUS) and Laurence's (SMU FOCUS) sweet newborn Evelyn. We finally got to meet her and hold her finally! This was taken at our big staff