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October, yay!

Hello, friends, family, and pets! Happy October, to y'all! How about this amazing weather? I tell y'all what, just when I thought I couldn't take the humidity any longer, I felt like God answered a personal prayer by bringing out the nice outdoor weather. Though, I'm sure He was either answering a lot of folks' prayers, or the weather was finally to chill out. Either way, I am glad the fall weather is here. A pastor's pasture in Denton, TX In the beginning of September, my good pal Samantha, who is a part of the UNT FOCUS ministry, asked me to baptize her. I met Sam almost 2 years ago. At the time, she didn't consider herself a Christian, but due to several different Christian experiences in her life, she was led to FOCUS, and began to ask a lot of good questions about Christianity, discipleship, and the practicalities of being a Christian. I remember thinking that I wasn't smart enough to be her friend or good enough to be a Christian mentor. M