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August 2021 update

 Hey, all!  This is a quick turnaround on the blog, but it is brief and encouraging. First, our August student update. Read here:  Update + Prayer Requests:  Recently, we got back from staff retreat. It was a great time to bond, worship, develop new relationships, and recenter spiritually. We recognized that the Lord gave us a lot especially during the initial phase of the pandemic, and that much will be expected of us to serve and reach people going into this next year. Even though our presence was sort of muted, we still were able to reach a good number of people last year. So many students are hungry for social interaction after a year like last year, and desperate for life-giving friendships. That's how Jesus changed me, through life-giving friendships whose source of life was Jesus! So please pray for us over the next few weeks as we continue to prepare by going to SICM (a time for our student leaders to learn how to be intentional disciples on the college campuses - close to