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Hello, September!

Hey, hey, hey party disciples! I cannot believe my first month as a campus missionary is over. I want to reiterate to my supporters how thankful I am for your belief in my vision for campus ministry. I could not be doing this without you. Thank you so much. As soon as we got back from staff retreat, us apprentices started our classes with the often looked over and misunderstood Old Testament. We'll be covering the Old Testament through the end of the Fall. I'll be honest, I was a bit scared of what I would learn. I think what I was afraid of was that my understanding of who God is would be changed in a bad way. Would I learn that my good, good Father isn't as good as I thought he was? This is an insecurity I have had for a long time. Plot twist : in my basic, beginner's understanding of the Old Testament, I have learned that God was looking out for His people and that He is still good. God was about keeping people safe and meeting people's needs in a broken soci

I lean not on my own understanding

Cowabunga! This is my first blog post as an Apprentice for FOCUS! First, I want to say a BIG Thank You to my prayer and financial support team. I am able to pursue this coming year of mission because of your belief in college ministry. I am 76% fundraised, which is bonkers to me (in a good way). Seriously, the process of fundraising has brought an unfamiliar depth to my relationship with God. The process of fundraising is exciting, exhausting, and revealing. Fundraising has revealed different ways I struggle in trusting God, yet, He has been faithful and provided the means for me to be able to do ministry. I still have 24% ! If you know anyone who would be interested in hearing about my mission, please send me their number! I would love to talk with them. Thank y'all x1000. I wish I could hug all of you at this very moment, however, an e-hug will have to suffice *hug*. If you haven't set up your online giving yet, now is the time to do so! Follow this Donation link!