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November update

Happy Holidays! I say that because technically I can't say Merry Christmas yet because Thanksgiving hasn't happened. So for now, let's pretend we are all waiting to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Can you tell I'm really excited for Christmas? I've said Christmas three times already. Anyhow, onto some good news! Our student testimony this month comes from a sweet, humble guy named Johnny. I've known Johnny going on my 4th year now. We were so blessed to have him at Collin, and still super blessed to have him at TWU. This guy is an encouragement, and I hope you take some time to hear his story! Keep FOCUS Growing! (KFG) Our annual fundraiser for our non-profit is upon us! FOCUS is a small non-profit funded by people like you. We operate on a shoestring budget, and every year for this fundraiser (and other fundraisers), God blows us away with generosity from so many! We have this fundraiser to help cover staff costs including salarie