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January Update

Happy new year, all! I want to start off by saying thank you to my friends, family, and financial and prayer supporters for being a part of my life in general, and especially over the last 6 months. This job is such a blessing, and y'all are every bit a part of it. Thank you. Below is our monthly student testimony. I happen to know Chiazo personally, and I am thankful for her friendship through our time at UNT together. This section of my blog is dedicated to the "Why I do what I do" part of my job. Sometimes I don't know the students featured personally , but hearing this every month is God speaking directly into my heart about how Jesus is working through our ministry. Take a peak! To celebrate the end of the year, the Apprentices decided to have a secret santa . I was gifted a pomeranian  calendar and coconut pineapple water. I was very pleased with my gift. This was such a neat way to celebrate with another the end of the year. Apprentice Secret Sa