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September 2023 update:

 Howdy, all!  This month's student testimony is special as it comes from one of our guys from UNT, Azael. I've gotten to know him over the last 6 months and his story is truly heartwarming. He's a humble guy who has been changed by Jesus and Jesus' people believing in him. Check it out:  Prayer requests:  - please pray over our staff! Reagann is a new mom navigating ministry, Darby and Drew are within a month of giving birth to their son, Ryan and his wife Nicole are expecting their second, and please pray for all of our immune systems!  - pray for UNT and TWU to be changed by Jesus - pray for sustained energy for our corefa team (our student leaders) - pray for Fall Retreat, our upcoming retreat where so many new friendships are bonded! Please pray that students will desire to go and that it would a nourishing and life-giving time to them  Some photos I took the last month: I had the honor of hosting a birthday party for Allison, one of our sweet gals who is a huge ble