September 2023 update:

 Howdy, all! 

This month's student testimony is special as it comes from one of our guys from UNT, Azael. I've gotten to know him over the last 6 months and his story is truly heartwarming. He's a humble guy who has been changed by Jesus and Jesus' people believing in him. Check it out: 

Prayer requests: 

- please pray over our staff! Reagann is a new mom navigating ministry, Darby and Drew are within a month of giving birth to their son, Ryan and his wife Nicole are expecting their second, and please pray for all of our immune systems! 

- pray for UNT and TWU to be changed by Jesus

- pray for sustained energy for our corefa team (our student leaders)

- pray for Fall Retreat, our upcoming retreat where so many new friendships are bonded! Please pray that students will desire to go and that it would a nourishing and life-giving time to them 

Some photos I took the last month:

I had the honor of hosting a birthday party for Allison, one of our sweet gals who is a huge blessing to our ministry! 

Cheering on one of our student flag football games! Kinda hard to tell what's going on, but the important thing is that our students won :)

Becca, one of our staff with Victoria, one of our student leaders at TWU! This picture is from our time of development for our female leaders. We all got together, ate pasta, and then had some time of development. Shoutout to my sweet husband, Grant, for helping me make dinner for these gals. 

Latin Jazz night! One our seniors, Isaac, is part of the Jazz Program at UNT. He performs in a couple different bands on the drums, one fo them being the Latin Jazz band. They had a concert one night in the student union and so man of our students from FOCUS came to listen and support him. A very special evening! 

Grant and I were able to host a Labor Day cookout for students who were still in town. Anna, pictured on the left in the red dress, is from England! She had a very American time which according to her is a good thing :) 

Thank you guys for everything! 



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