June 2020 update

Happy summer!

Man did it get HOT all of sudden. I honestly don't mind the scorching heat, I would pick that over the cold dead of winter any time. I'm excited to update y'all, it's been a while. I want to start off with our May and June student testimonies.

The May student testimony is actually really sweet to me for a couple of reasons. Markia is the younger sister of my friend Cierra. I met Cierra in FOCUS in 2013 when we were both students at UNT. When I found out Markia was going to TWU, I knew I wanted to study the bible with her and befriend her. She has been a consistent blessing to me and the people around her at TWU! When Markia and I were studying the bible together, I remembered the summer of 2015 I volunteered with our church family's Teen Camp. I remembered that Markia and I actually did a walk and talk and prayed for each other at that time about friendships and the future. When we both remembered, we were both like "Whoah!". How cool is that? Five years later, I got to disciple her and those prayers we prayed five years ago were being answered!

Summer Leadership Training: 

As you guys know, SICM was canceled because of Covid-19 (rightly so). However, our staff wanted to create an opportunity to still train students who we see having leadership potential. So we created Summer Leadership Training, a three day conference where our staff led and taught over several different topics including but not limited to: God being a good father, small groups, spiritual friendship, and much more. It was so encouraging to see how many of those students were still interested in learning and being trained. Here is the link to the first day of classes below!


Please join me in praying for the mental health of our student body. Because of all the self-isolation, we are still seeing students disappear from community, and disappearing usually correlates to people not doing well. There are the few cases where people are out of town or working somewhere else for the summer. We still have a lot of students sticking around, though. Gen-z is at much higher risk for mental illness than the generations before, and self-isolation usually isn't good for that. So, please be praying for them!

Thank you guys so much for your generosity. Hope to see you in person someday soon.



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