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November update!

Happy November, everyone! This month's student testimony is from a guy named Josh over at our Richland FOCUS community. I actually got to know Josh a little bit during our trip to SICM this past May. He even got baptized during that trip, and though I don't know him super well, it's cool to read a more personal testimony and share his story with all of you! These are the kids y'all are investing in, and God is blessing them through you. Thank you for supporting our ministry! Read his story here: Campus outreach: Thank you so much for continuing to pray for our campuses and for the students we meet! During our formal campus outreach, we present questions about faith to the students at Collin College. Questions like "What do you pray for?", "Who do think Jesus is?", and "How can we pray for you?". It's been cool to see students being open to have these discussion and share thoughts even if they aren't necessarily from a Chris