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March & April 2023 update

Howdy, partners!  It's been a minute since I've written a blog. I'm excited to share with you some things that have been going on lately.  But first, our student testimonies from March and April. The March one is from one of our students at TWU!  Thank you:  I wanted to say thank you to those who commented on the religious student orgs post last month! We are waiting on the results from that, so stay tuned. That was so helpful and kind! And thank you for praying for revival. I'm praying I get to see that in my lifetime in the Denton campuses. In the meantime, I'm grateful for all the faithfulness I get to witness already, from many Christian orgs, not just ours.  Student facilitators:  Here's a pic of our student facilitators/leaders! We're so proud of how they've led this year. So many are graduating. Please be praying for our replacements next year and for their transition into the marketplace! More pictures from the last month!  Another successful kar