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Greetings friends and supporters! In case you haven't heard, it's officially November. With this season of pies and thankfulness upon us, I want to reflect back on the whirlwind month of October. Yes, I am aware that I talked about pies and thankfulness in the same sentence because who isn't thankful for pie? 20 Year Celebration On October 8th, FOCUS celebrated its 20th birthday with almost 800 attendees! As a 26 year old apprentice, it was really neat to meet and hear from so many people that were formerly involved or currently involved with this ministry. The Celebration taught me a few things. First of all, it reminded me of the value of perseverance. As disciples, we don't have the luxury to quit when things get tough. Hearing stories of the early days when FOCUS was anywhere from a few to several people only at UTD was really meaningful. These people walked and prayed for our campuses in the rain, and trusted that God would coordinate his vision and timing i