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November 2020 update

Hey, everyone!  It's been a bit! Rest assured, campus ministry is alive and active, the girls that I disciple are learning and listening to Jesus in new and different ways, and they're growing because they are pursuing Jesus. Though it's difficult! They're investing into students who fall everywhere in between on the spectrum of unbelief and belief, and they're doing their best to do that safely as we enter the coming breaks for the holidays. Thank you for your prayer and support! I wish you could meet all of them!  Student Testimony: The Gospel:  Working with college students is a bunch of things: fun, exciting, stressful, confusing, etc. College students themselves tend to passionate about all kinds of things! It's also an age group that's impressionable. Over the years, as we'e noticed trends in our campus ministry, we often have addressed those trends of thinking in topical sermons. While I think those were valuable, I think God has been preparing us