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June 2021 update

Hey, everyone!  How are y'all doing in this heat? I for one am ambivalent about it. I can tell you all about it if you ask me the next time you see me. Ministry wise, things have mostly returned to normal with FOCUS. We're busy making new ministry partners, preparing, discipling, and meeting together during our Thursday Night Fellowship aka our regularly scheduled programming. Thank God! And thank y'all for praying, it's been so so neat.  Here's our student testimony for the month, Oduwa, a student from UTA!  Some pictures from the last month:  Monday Hang at the park with our students! Movie night with our students: Shrek Dog sitting a very mischievous puppy named Maggie Clarissa, one of our students, Pico, a guy from one of our churches, and our neighbor, Sarah, all recording a song together at my house! This is Emerson, one of many babies I got to see recently!! Tate, a good friend and ministry partner, holding our other good friend's baby, Thea! My cousin on