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Feb. 2023 update

Hey everyone, happy early spring! I'm excited to share what's been going on. First up, our student testimony!  It's been a relatively quiet month with the ice storm and us being out of town, but I'm still pumped to share with you things that have been going on through pictures!  A couple pals from college (we met in FOCUS) and ministry partners cracking up at this facemask that is supposedly awesome for an at home spa experience but simultaneously works like a halloween mask The Campus Christian Community ministry hosted a Revival night, and some of our students went! This is Taylor and Kripa leading worship and doing a great job Our students getting a little wild at Karaoke Night on campus  Me hanging with our mascot, Jude!  Grant and I in Geneva! We were on one of the city lookout points while inside of St. Peter's Cathedral, apparently the church home of John Calvin at one point.  Grant throwing up a peace sign next to John Calvin's chair  Family Night! This