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July & August '22 update

Howdy, all!  Our Denton team has preparing all summer for the upcoming school year. We've been praying, strategizing, preparing, and coordinating to equip our new student leader team, to have a great upcoming Welcome Week - where we spend about 60h reaching new students on campus, and to enrich and bless our students for the next year! Thank you so much for your generous financial partnership and prayers. YOU are changing the lives of students!  Here are our student testimonies from July & August.  Here are some photo updates from the last month!  Got stung by a jellyfish summer small group getting cozy  My friend Sarah who directs UTA FOCUS, at the beach! Sarah planned a trip to Orange Beach, AL for 11 gals! It was so much fun, and restful. No amount of sunscreen could protect me from getting pink but that's better than a sunburn.   My other friend Sandra who works at Richland FOCUS, at the beach!  With Hannah, one of our recent graduates at the stranger things pop up in G