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January 2021

Hey, there! Happy new year. A lot has happened since my last update. Here are a couple of student testimonies to start off with. Quick note - Ryan in January is a student at UNT, and we are so thankful for him!  My grandmother and the kindness of working with FOCUS:  In early December, I got the call that my grandmother was suddenly being put on at home hospice after recovering from Covid-19. She's elderly, has COPD, and has a couple other serious issues. Even though she recovered, it left her in worse condition and the best option for her is to be comfortable at home. She had asked for the family to be there during her last rites given by her priest - not sure if this is a common practice to have the family there, but we were there surrounded by a lot of love that she helped create. This all happened suddenly and would require me to miss two pretty important work days at the end of the semester. I called Brandon (our FOCUS director) and told him what was going on and he asked a co