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October 2021 update

Hey everyone, I hope October is finding you well.  Below is the student testimony update! Please take a moment and read Bryan's story. He's from Richland College! Go thunder ducks!  As always, here's some picture updates with descriptions. Please be praying for SMU's Fall Camp this weekend, and for continued energy for our staff and student leaders.  The girls that did not want to play "Alaskan Baseball" at Fall Camp. To their credit, it did require running around in the sun.  Our worship night at Fall Camp. This was so meaningful and is noted as a hilight for many of our students. We combined with Collin College FOCUS for the worship night.  Reagann enjoying our hard earned lunch at Cane's Chicken after Fall C Our winners of Wizards, Trolls, and Giants at Fall Camp! This was the crowd favorite game. It's kinda like human rock, paper, scissors, but more magical.  Becca, our apprentice from TWU! I thought this was a cool background so I said "Hey g