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Sept 2021 update

Hey, everyone. I'm excited to tell you what we've been up to since my last blog via pictures of course!  Here's our student testimony from Kailey, a UNT gal! I've gotten to know her a bit and she's so sweet and kind to others. Here's her story:  Our most recent Denton Fellowship Night! It's so cool to see all these people every week! My friend Hannah who I studied scripture with this last year. She's a Junior at UNT! We went to Altitude Trampoline park. I am sweaty.  Baby Jude at our staff meeting! This is Ryan's (our team lead) baby. He's so cute!  Giant Beach Ball game with our students, and it was awesome! Grant and I went skating, it was awesome  Jaden (freshman at UNT), my Godson learning to juggle when we went to TWU bloc party!  Steven Lo leading the pack with games in the dorms, several of these people came to FOCUS! Corefas playing a get to know you game!