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December 2021

Hey, everyone!  I have lots to share. First I want to say thank you for praying and giving to Keep FOCUS Growing. God is so generous to work through people and their self-giving generosity. Here is a graphic of the goal! Also here is our student testimony update. Stories like hers are why we do things like Keep FOCUS Growing!  Here are some picture updates of the last month!  Grant and I dog sat for my sister-in-law. The doggos were a big hit with just about everyone. This is Katherine, getting some good time with Merry the Malamute.  Arianna and Pippin looking like they tolerate each other and that's just about it  Becca enjoying giving these pups their early morning belly rubs!  Keanna and Veronica resting next to the pups. A real Christmas miracle that they were tired! The dogs, not the humans.  Garrett from Collin FOCUS holding Sarah (UTD FOCUS) and Laurence's (SMU FOCUS) sweet newborn Evelyn. We finally got to meet her and hold her finally! This was taken at our big staff

November 2021 update

Hey, everybody! I've got a few things to share about. The first being our student testimony! This one is a fun one because Olivia is one of the girls I get to meet with this year. She's so fun, really loves people, and makes Jesus known in her friendships. Please take a minute to read her story.  KFG: Keep FOCUS Growing!  Our annual Giving Tuesday Fundraiser is about to take place. As a growing non-profit, this fundraiser helps us stick around for the long haul while helping us expand our reach to more students and campuses in the DFW area. This fundraiser also helps provide our outreach activities and materials, administrative support, health and retirement benefits, and planting new campuses.  The goal: $50,00 in matching funds! Which means we're aiming for $100,000 on Giving Tuesday, November 30th! Some of our generous donors (which includes our own staff) have banded together and agrees to match up to $50k in total donations during this campaign. So if we receive $50k i

October 2021 update

Hey everyone, I hope October is finding you well.  Below is the student testimony update! Please take a moment and read Bryan's story. He's from Richland College! Go thunder ducks!  As always, here's some picture updates with descriptions. Please be praying for SMU's Fall Camp this weekend, and for continued energy for our staff and student leaders.  The girls that did not want to play "Alaskan Baseball" at Fall Camp. To their credit, it did require running around in the sun.  Our worship night at Fall Camp. This was so meaningful and is noted as a hilight for many of our students. We combined with Collin College FOCUS for the worship night.  Reagann enjoying our hard earned lunch at Cane's Chicken after Fall C Our winners of Wizards, Trolls, and Giants at Fall Camp! This was the crowd favorite game. It's kinda like human rock, paper, scissors, but more magical.  Becca, our apprentice from TWU! I thought this was a cool background so I said "Hey g

Sept 2021 update

Hey, everyone. I'm excited to tell you what we've been up to since my last blog via pictures of course!  Here's our student testimony from Kailey, a UNT gal! I've gotten to know her a bit and she's so sweet and kind to others. Here's her story:  Our most recent Denton Fellowship Night! It's so cool to see all these people every week! My friend Hannah who I studied scripture with this last year. She's a Junior at UNT! We went to Altitude Trampoline park. I am sweaty.  Baby Jude at our staff meeting! This is Ryan's (our team lead) baby. He's so cute!  Giant Beach Ball game with our students, and it was awesome! Grant and I went skating, it was awesome  Jaden (freshman at UNT), my Godson learning to juggle when we went to TWU bloc party!  Steven Lo leading the pack with games in the dorms, several of these people came to FOCUS! Corefas playing a get to know you game! 

August 2021 update

 Hey, all!  This is a quick turnaround on the blog, but it is brief and encouraging. First, our August student update. Read here:  Update + Prayer Requests:  Recently, we got back from staff retreat. It was a great time to bond, worship, develop new relationships, and recenter spiritually. We recognized that the Lord gave us a lot especially during the initial phase of the pandemic, and that much will be expected of us to serve and reach people going into this next year. Even though our presence was sort of muted, we still were able to reach a good number of people last year. So many students are hungry for social interaction after a year like last year, and desperate for life-giving friendships. That's how Jesus changed me, through life-giving friendships whose source of life was Jesus! So please pray for us over the next few weeks as we continue to prepare by going to SICM (a time for our student leaders to learn how to be intentional disciples on the college campuses - close to

July 2021 update

 Hey, everybody!  As we're nearing to the school year and with the Delta variant on the rise, please join me in prayer for our campuses, our cities, and pray for protection and wisdom. Also- please pray for us to reach potentially a lot more people this year, a lot of more students will be on campus this year. Thank you!  Here is our student testimony for the month: Laura from SMU! I've been lucky enough to meet her, she's such a neat girl who has a heart for people. Take a peek:  As always, here are some snapshots from the last month:  Monday Hang with some students!  Corn Dog stand with Hanna and Claudia from church Roommate reunion - I was roommates with all these girls in college. We met through FOCUS and we've stayed friends for a long time. They're also ministry partners!  Veronica, one of our student leaders and all-round great gal! We went for a walk and talk and the sunset was putting on a show!  A picture of my husband Grant walking through a park in TN on