July 2021 update

 Hey, everybody! 

As we're nearing to the school year and with the Delta variant on the rise, please join me in prayer for our campuses, our cities, and pray for protection and wisdom. Also- please pray for us to reach potentially a lot more people this year, a lot of more students will be on campus this year. Thank you! 

Here is our student testimony for the month: Laura from SMU! I've been lucky enough to meet her, she's such a neat girl who has a heart for people. Take a peek: 

As always, here are some snapshots from the last month: 

Monday Hang with some students! 

Corn Dog stand with Hanna and Claudia from church

Roommate reunion - I was roommates with all these girls in college. We met through FOCUS and we've stayed friends for a long time. They're also ministry partners! 

Veronica, one of our student leaders and all-round great gal! We went for a walk and talk and the sunset was putting on a show! 

A picture of my husband Grant walking through a park in TN on our vacation

Baby shower for Sarah Glenesk, a campus missionary at UTD! Please pray for a healthy baby and delivery! 

Tate + Aaron. Two very good friends and ministry partners clearly enjoying the camera at our church pool party :) 


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