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October 2023

Hey, everyone!  I'm excited to share what's been going on around here. First up, we have our student testimony from Devereaux over at Richland college. She has a such a sweet presence, please take a moment to read her story.  The most recent big thing we had recently going on was Fall Retreat! We wanted to do a couple things differently this year. The first thing is that we had Ronnie Worsham come talk to our students on Sunday morning. It's hard to describe succinctly what he talked about, but I think what he shared ministered deeply to all of us. The best I can describe his talk is this way: living a life of faithfulness makes you a person that is God's love to people, and that is life-changing. It was inspiring and I think helped us all grow up a little bit.  The other thing we decided to do differently was to have our first ever Camp Cup, where the winners get a limited edition camp shirt and a free meal at Hawaiian Bros or Torchy's. This allowed people to know