October 2023

Hey, everyone! 

I'm excited to share what's been going on around here. First up, we have our student testimony from Devereaux over at Richland college. She has a such a sweet presence, please take a moment to read her story. 

The most recent big thing we had recently going on was Fall Retreat! We wanted to do a couple things differently this year. The first thing is that we had Ronnie Worsham come talk to our students on Sunday morning. It's hard to describe succinctly what he talked about, but I think what he shared ministered deeply to all of us. The best I can describe his talk is this way: living a life of faithfulness makes you a person that is God's love to people, and that is life-changing. It was inspiring and I think helped us all grow up a little bit. 

The other thing we decided to do differently was to have our first ever Camp Cup, where the winners get a limited edition camp shirt and a free meal at Hawaiian Bros or Torchy's. This allowed people to know more people before getting to fall retreat, gave them to time to bond and make spirit gear, and the competitions were fun and supportive. We combined a couple of small groups for each team two weeks in advance to allow that to happen! 

I've never heard so much positive feedback from Fall Retreat before. I'm thankful to God for making a way for that to happen. 

Some Snaps: 

The "Gray is Slay" team. Each team had a color and they could come up with a team name if they wanted to! 
Ronnie sharing during Sunday morning to our students! I'm so thankful for this man investing so much in countless people over his 50 years of faithful ministry. 

Some group karaoke as one of the evening activities. Lots of country and show-tunes and some questionable renditions of songs. 

Some of my core girls enjoying watching he group karaoke! They talked me into singing Carrie Underwood with them.  

The Fall Retreat Husbands! From left to Right: Jon (husband of Reagann), Ryan (director of our ministry and husband of Nicole), Alejandro (husband of Claire and current corefa), and Grant (my husband)! Jon and Grant stepped in as extra hands to help with Fall Retreat since Drew and Darby had their new baby and weren't able to come. It was so great having them! 

Teams lining up outside for the Camp Cup games! My team was purple :)

Mackenzie's baptism! This was so special. Mackenzie was a student leader for 3 years in Denton and is now serving as a pastoral apprentice at Collin College. It was so neat to hear testimony and celebrate her rebirth and renewal with all these sweet people! 

Babysitting Jude with Grant. Jude loves him so much! Jude is our director's son. He's such a fun kid. 

Thank you all for your continued prayer and financial partnership! 



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