March 2022 update

Howdy! Happy Spring everyone! We have a couple of things coming up and I can't wait to tell you about them. But first, our student testimony from Anubhav. I've met this guy before and he's such a blessing to our SMU ministry. Take a peek at his story. 

Spring Showcase & SICM: 

A couple of weekends ago, many of you came to our Spring Showcase fundraiser for SICM! Thank you so much. It was a huge success. Thank you all for praying and giving! If you didn't get to attend, you can watch it online at You can make a donation if you like, but you can also watch it without any sort of donation and see all the talented people in our community. It was a great show, that I got to help my friends Austin and Sarah emcee, and I hope you'll consider watching it if you didn't get to. 

A challenge: with it being 3 years since we've gone to Washington for SICM, it's been a little difficult for our student body to understand why it's such a pivotal conference to our ministry. So please pray for our students as they are deciding whether or not to go, and pray for our larger ministry to get excited about SICM again! There's some excitement but again, the seniors are the only people who remember SICM being in Washington, so pray for renewed interest and excitement! 

Live No Lies: 

The student leaders I meet with will be reading a book with me this semester. It's called Live No Lies by John Mark Comer. I read it in the Fall, and it was a timely read for any disciple of Jesus. I highly recommend it! Please pray that the Spirit will work through the book for these young women as they minister to their peers and each other. Please pray that God would dismantle any lies from the enemy that keep our students in the dark. 

Some photos: 

Visiting two of my ministry partners, Kyle and Kristen in Norman, OK! Sirak, my coworker at Richland college, and his spouse, Sloan, joined us in a group to visit Kyle and Kristen. Also with us, two of my friends from England, Tara and Sam. Kyle took us to see OU stadium as Sam is a big American Football fan! 

Tara and Sam from England flew in Thursday night which means they got to come to the after event, which was a dance lessons and games hosted by our students. On the bottom right you can see Katherine Milian teaching Sam how to meringue. In the far back, Brandon was teaching Tara also how to meringue. They had a lot of fun. It was so neat to our students bless them immediately upon arrival. 

A mixed-staff group picture from Staff Retreat in February. We took a short day hike to Inks Lake state park. It was a beautiful day and just an awesome time. 

Grant and I took Tara and Sam to see the old football stadium in my hometown. While there, we watched two local soccer teams play. They were incredibly good!

A picture of 3 Gnomes at Gnome Cones 


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