January 2022

Happy New Year! 

I'm excited to update you guys on the last month. First, our student testimony from Collin College. 

My lil sis in law and FOCUS student at UTD, Caroline holding Merry! 

My mother in law feeding Merry Duchess potatoes through a piping bag because Merry had been a good girl 

Me and Grant on Christmas eve 

My dad and brother playing with my nephews on Christmas Eve 

A Christmas gathering fulling of friends, students, and ministry partners

Roasting marshmallows to celebrate all of us not being sick for once!

Picture of the small group Grant and I host from Church on our Christmas game night 

Mateo looking skeptical at small group about the game we're about to play 

Even though I had a couple illnesses over the holidays, Christmas brought much needed celebration with loved ones. 

Prayer request: please be praying for wisdom about Winter Camp as we approach that weekend. And be praying for our students and faculty as we return to campus with the new Omicron variant! 

Thank you guys for everything. Love y'all!



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