February 2022

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. Happy February! I'm so excited to share about this last month and an upcoming exciting event :) But first, our student testimony! Please read Ashley from UTA's story!

Before I share photos, I want to invite all of you to Spring Showcase! Many of you who have been with me from the beginning are aware of it. Each year, hundreds of our college students from FOCUS are invited to attend the Student Institute of Campus Ministry where they learn the foundations of being student missionaries on their campus. The trip is pricy, but a worthy investment that pays off for the rest of their lives wherever they go. This is a leadership opportunity enriches, empowers, and equips students to be lights to their campus where it is not always so bright. To help fund this opportunity, we host a high quality benefit concert and artisan market with all the proceeds going to directly benefit the trip and conference. You can purchase at anyfocus.org/showcase. I hope to see you guys there!  

Spring Showcase!!!

Reagann doing work on a bookshelf 

Drew on a desk treadmill while we were taking a class on Ephesians through Bible Project

                    Our small group of women leaders for UNT and TWU getting poured into!

Winter Camp Worship! This was so special to have this, this year! Students came home refreshed, enriched, and excited about being at school and showing people Jesus. 

Jude. The best lil Denton staff baby! This is our team lead's baby. Isn't he so cute? Like a lil train conductor? 


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