March update

Hey everyone! Happy March!

I just wanted to start off by saying how thankful I am for all of you. Y'all have been so wonderful at responding to prayer requests for our students, and I can honestly say I'm seeing some real heart change from the Holy Spirit in our students lives. Thank you for being faithful in your support of campus ministry, and more than anything your prayer is the most vital part of it.

Speaking of heart change... this month's student testimony is from Evan at Richland College. I don't know Evan personally but I have seen him around a lot and it's cool to hear more of his story and how God has impacted his life. Take a peek:

Pizza Theology:
For this semester's pizza theology, we had our staff teach through Exodus. Rhett and Abbie from our UTD staff, Jalen from our UTA staff, Laurence from our SMU staff, and our very own Kristen from Denton staff did an amazing job leading our students to learn more about God from the Old Testament. I am always blow away by how many students choose to give up a Sunday night to drive to a different campus, and learn about God for 5 hours at a collegiate level. I think one of my biggest takeaways from the evening was Kristen teaching through the tabernacle. Something I had never connected before was the fact that God used precious stones and materials to make his dwelling place among the people, but now we are the dwelling place of God, which means how precious are we? If you would like to listen to the audio from that night, here is the link:

Pizza Theology: Exploring Exodus! Please don't text that number. 

As the last few months of the school year are approaching, I wanted to introduce the girls in my peer team, one by one to you. This is Crystal. You may remember her from her student testimony a few months ago. Crystal was brought up through our teen ministry at our church in Garland and specifically picked a University that she knew FOCUS would be at. She is now a corefa, and despite her anxiety and shyness, she chooses to be a disciple anyway. She is one of our most consistent people at our campus outreach, she studies the bible with two girls, thinks deeply about scripture, and thinks about how she impacts those around her. Getting to be her peer team leader this year has been a huge blessing and God has taught me a lot through her. Also- she would probably hate this picture but she will have to deal with it :)

Crystal being casual at Outreach

Free Yerba Mate on campus! 


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