April 2019 update

Hey, everyone!

Happy Spring! Speaking of Spring, I wanted to tell y'all about Spring Showcase one last time. It's only a week away, (April 6th) and I am so excited about what it's for. Every, year we send a bunch of students to Bellingham, Washington to be trained in the art of campus ministry. The conference is called SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry), and SICM just celebrated 26th year of training people. When I was a student at UNT, I was invited to SICM in 2013 with people who I would eventually work with on our staff, and with people who would become my best friends. All of these people are still on mission today. It was there that I caught a vision of what practical and biblical mission could look like on a college campus, in the workplace, and how to invite people into being transformed by Jesus. SICM is a unique gift that keeps on giving.

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This is a bad picture of me on the right, but a good picture of everyone else in this photo at SICM 2013. The girl in the center is Becky Glass. I will actually be her maid of honor in her wedding! This photo is from 6 years ago. We could have never predicted that I would be her maid of honor! To the left is Matt Clark. Our former campus pastor and who made us a laugh a lot. 
SICM is also expensive. With the rising cost of travel every year, it can be difficult to fundraise for 110 college students to be able to afford this valuable trip. This is why we host Spring Showcase, a benefit concert with talented musicians, artists, and comedians. It's a low-cost-high-impact way of investing in God's kingdom on college campuses. It really is an amazing show with 100% of the profits going to pay for this trip. It most directly benefits the students who don't have a wide supportive financial network to fundraise from. Spring Showcase is $20 for adults, $15 for students, OR, for an exciting VIP experience, there a limited number of $50 tickets available. There will also be an art sale in between the matinee show and the evening show.

The students we are sending have high leadership potential. Our organization has been sending people on this trip for over 17 years, and it has proven it's value over and over!

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My beautiful friend Chiazo bringing down the house at Spring Showcase! 
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Me with our students from Collin College at Spring Showcase 2018! 
I hope you and your loved ones can make it to Spring Showcase! 

If you would like to make a scholarship donation. 

Thank you for all of prayers, and support! Very thankful for all of you!

<3 Shayla


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