May 2023 update

Hey everyone, happy May! 

I wanted to give you some hilights for the end of the year. As always, here is our student testimony for the month from a student named David who goes to Collin College! 

Senior Epistles: 

At the end of the year, we have seniors come up and share wisdom they learned from their time in FOCUS to the rest of the community. A lot of the themes were centered around good rest, making lifelong friends, sticking to a Christian community, prayer, maturity, and how God has helped them grow during their time in college. What is significant about this group of seniors is that many of them were freshmen in Fall 2019, pre-pandemic. They've gone through all the waves of what college was life was like and the many transitions covid brought, to what college is now. I was especially sad for this group to be leaving but so proud and grateful for them in the ways they've been part of our community. Below are some pics! 

Isaac! A twin to Isaiah below teehee



Liam and Alex looking like cookout security guards at our end of year corefa cookout party :)
A glimpse of our end of year party for our whole denton ministry!

End of year Corefa Cookout! Peep Mackenzie's face in the front. She is gonna be an apprentice at Collin College in the Fall! 


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