May 2021

 Hello, happy summer! 

I've got some exciting stuff to share, but first up is Aileen Arias from TWU. I got to know her last year and I'm excited for you to read her story about how she became a Jesus follower through being a part of our ministry. 

Some prayer requests before our slideshow: 

- Please pray for our Denton staff to get fully fundraised! Including our awesome new apprentices, Steven, Cole, and Becca 

- Please pray for renewal in Community Building in Denton

- Please pray for God to protect our students, and empower them to be lights wherever they are! 

Our first Summer FOCUS!! It was so powerful to get to gather like that again. It was such a great service, people were moved to tears out of joy for Jesus and being together. 

Visiting my sweet friend Erika and her silly daughter, Junie! 

My copastor Sandra (@Richland college), and I unsuccessfully babysitting our friend's daughter, Eli

Team building exercise! We were praying through and thinking through how to pioneer a new campus in Downtown Denton

Playing volleyball with a small portion of my cousins in Louisiana. After our grandmother's funeral, we needed some fun together. 

Orion and Heather at our end of year banquet! Orion is a future apprentice with FOCUS at Collin College. Go cougs! 

Two of our students, Brandon and Collin at the end of year banquet 

Our Denton staff taking advantage of some good lighting 

Margeaux, a TWU student, selfie bombing my phone 

Darby delivering a powerful encouragement to our students 

My silly and sweet peer team this year! It was an honor to get to invest in these girls all year, week to week, through tears and laughter, joy and conviction. Love these ladies. They are a very special group. 


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