April 2021 post

 Hello, happy April all! 

I'm excited to share with you more photos from the last month. But first, here's our student testimony for the month. This one is special because it's from a girl who I studied the bible with 3 years ago! It's so cool to hear her story and get to include it in my blog. Her name is Stephanie :) 

Ran into my friend Josh and his super cute baby Ezra making his playful squinched face! 

One our of last peer team meetings for the semester. Grant and I were dog sitting Pippin, his sister's beautiful dog! My students loved meeting Pippin and hanging out with him. I think he's a mix between a fox and a polar bear? ;) We talked through a devotional on Acts 2:42-47, and different leadership axioms that hit on humility and our emotions. 

Pippin and Clarissa :)

Pippin and Orion :) Orion and I talked through how to finish out the year well with her girls. Please pray for her: she is about to do the FOCUS Apprenticeship! 

We had an Easter hangout for our students who were still in town. We played games, ate snacks, talked, and took Pippin for a walk. Aileen from TWU, Veronica, Pippin, and Katherine! 

Drew and Darby from Denton FOCUS staff and a puppy our friends the Ramirez's brought to church

A very pregnant Nicole (baby Jude is due in June!) and Ryan (Denton FOCUS Staff) holding the puppy 

Ricardo and Claudia Ramirez (our old roommate) and their puppy

Behind the Scenes from Spring Showcase! Garrett an Kristen performing There Came A Light by Chris Renzema 

One of our more fun staff meetings because Garrett brought his daughter Juniper to hang out with us

We hosted a Social Justice Q&R and a lot of students came! They asked really good questions, took a lot of notes, and were left with even more questions 

One of our student leaders, Jessica, giving me an intense pose for the camera ;)

Our Social Justice Q&R Panel: Chelsea Davis, Social Worker - (not married to Garrett), Garrett Davis, Pastor and Sociologist, Sirak Asfaw, Pastor and Sociologist, and Melissa Kenfield, Sociologist

Veronica, one of our student leader has been co-leading a small group on Wednesday afternoons that is open to anyone! It has spurred on a lot of great conversations with nonbelievers. One of the people who comes regularly is an atheist but he loves these people. It's so cool to see that! 

Kameryn and Orion and I visiting SMU FOCUS, I was lucky enough to get to preach at SMU FOCUS :) 

One our last student leader meetings! We ended it with praise and worship led by Clarissa, Katherine, Esdras, Garrett, Keanna, and Markia :)

Our student leaders have been a great group to have to lead our other students in ministry through the pandemic :)

Thank you for taking the time to look at these! Just know that you are a very integral part of what God is up to in the Denton FOCUS ministry. Thank you for being so generous and prayerful. 


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