March 2021

Happy Spring, all! 

Here are the latest two student testimonies that we have. I hope you read their stories, it's so neat getting to read stories from people from other campuses! 

This month, I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to show you some of the pictures from ministry over the last 6 weeks and just tell you a little bit about what was going on there. Perhaps this can give you the teensiest glimpse into what I get to see and be a part of as a missionary. 

Darby and Garett at our staff meeting trying to avoid getting TOO much Vitamin D aka a sunburn 

Took this picture of the Denton town square when Grant and I got to meet with our small group for the first time in person all year. The sun was setting and it felt really good outside. We met outdoors in lawn chairs of course. 

This is Orion! She is one of our student leaders I get to meet with weekly, I disciple her as she disciples others. Fun fact: she will be a FOCUS apprentice at Collin College next year - that's where I did my apprenticeship! This is very exciting, this girl really loves Jesus and people. Please pray for as she embarks on this transition into full time vocational ministry. 

Grant and I bought a projector and it's paying off to be one of the best purchases for pandemic ministry. Darby and some of our students came over for a movie night recently where we watched an old Adam Sandler movie. Most of them thought it was funny, I shan't name the ones who didn't find it funny, lest they be cursed ;)

I visited the Richland FOCUS ministry a few weeks ago. It was really neat to see what God was doing there, with this small sweet group of students. They had a visiting speaker from Cru who really loves Jesus and loves college students who taught us about prayer and approaching scripture and God's will.

This is Savanah and Bryndle, both student leaders whom I get to meet with weekly. We had an impromptu hangout and talked about dating and marriage and God's vision for all that. We also talked about cookies and where to get the best ones and talked to stop to talk a guy named Kevin whom we didn't know. 

Speaking of Savanah... she got engaged to Preston! Love these two people! 

This is Clarissa! Another student leader I get to meet with weekly. Just a 5 days after the snow melted, it was a warm 70 degrees with a beautiful sunset on top of the UNT parking garage. We reminisced about who were before we really knew Jesus and were so thankful that he has changed us along the way. 

Our staff team met up to sled down a big hill outside of the UNT football stadium and let me tell you, it was very fun and cold and we went so fast. 

Grant gearing up

Our fearless co-director to Denton FOCUS, Ryan. 


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