April update

Happy Spring! Happy Resurrection! 

Hey guys, as you know, everything we know has been changing at a rapid pace with the way Covid-19 has affected everything. Just know that campus ministry is alive and well, albeit from the comfort of our homes and from the screens of our phones and laptops (what up Zoom, facetime, tried and true phone calls, etc.). Thank you guys for praying during this time and allowing us to pray for you as well. Jesus is alive and on the move, and despite the difficulties, I have seem him alive and at work! 

First up is the our alumni testimony. This one is actually really cool because James is one of my husband's best friends! And in turn, he has become a good friend of mine. I also got to do the apprenticeship with James back in 2016-2017. He's a sweet and humble guy, who really loves God and God's people. It would mean a lot to me if you would take a minute to read his story! 

Ministry is alive and well:

As campus ministers of FOCUS, every week we make adjustments with our current circumstances. I think something I was initially afraid of was the potential of people being so self isolated that they would disconnect completely from God and his people. However, while there are definitely struggles, many unique opportunities have presented themselves! I'm now able to talk with more students every week (more free time in their schedules and more willingness to talk on the phone). I've seen students in our ministry take creative initiative by doing online bible studies, online worship nights, online games with each other. I've seen God dismantling our idols during this time (independence, career, major, etc). And I've seen God be more on the forefront of our students minds than in the past and people are are waking up to their need to be in prayer and relationship with him. This is so cool! So, below are a lot of pictures from what ministry looks like for right now (not always flattering pictures). Thanks for supporting us financially, for praying for us, and for being in partnership with us. It's a wild time to be alive, but I think revival in on the horizon. Praise God. 

Here's a group of students whom I was chatting with after our online Fellowship night!

Taylor and Claudia, two of the student leaders I disciple every week! We were laughing because Claudia's face was so close to the phone. 

Most of our Denton FOCUS staff. We having taking a biblical theology class together during this time and meeting weekly to discuss. 

Garrett leading our online Fellowship night! After a short message, we break up into groups to discuss.

Some of the girls from my small group that I co-lead with a girl named Ashley! 

A student leader, Joseph, wanted to show us his fish one night after a Fellowship discussion. This is King Tut. We found out Jospeh fed King Tut too much on accident a week later. RIP King Tut. 


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