February Update

Hello! Happy February, everyone! I am so pumped to update you this month. I have a UTA student testimony, and then a very special testimony from someone that reached out to me. This person will remain anonymous, but I thought it was touching and a huge insight as to why we do campus ministry, even if for a moment it means something to someone.

First up: our UTA student testimony! Please take a moment to read this story about what God is upto in Arlington.

Okay this story is super special to me. 3.5 years ago, during my first year on staff at Collin College FOCUS, I noticed a girl being bothered by some guys afterwards. She came out to eat with my, my coworker Hannah, and some students. We didn't hear from her really after that, but she sent me this message last semester. It's edited for length, and it's anonymous to protect her. It was inspiring and meaningful and it made me and Hannah cry like babies because of God's kindness.

"Hey... So this January of 2019 I stepped up to the altar and gave my life to Christ. When we met, I was a non-believer, agnostic, also coming from a Muslim family carrying their beliefs and belief system. You and a group of very sweet Christian girls came up and made those guys back off who were taking pictures of me and it left a deep imprint on my heart. So many nice Christian people have come and gone in my life. So many have planted seeds, and so many have showed me kindness and patience. I'm going to keep that memory with me always, as well as ones others have helped me make, and I will hold it close to my heart. Thank you for planting that seed of kindness and acceptance within me. It made me feel like we were all the same and I was a child of God as well. The holy Spirit has always been within me, it just took the truth to make it come out.Just wanted to share that with you to let you know that keep planting good seeds, they'll always come back. Thank you ❤️." - Anonymous

Winter Camp: Well, every year is my favorite winter camp and this one has my absolute favorite. We had speakers from staff to teach through how to think and interact with the Psalms, we had a thoughtful lament service, we played, laughed, and cried and experienced the Holy Spirit together. Our students have been talking about it since we returned and it's always a great catalyst to follow Jesus and learn more about him. Here's a video made by an alumni, Sean Do to shows our worship! And below is the link to our talks at camp. Thank you for praying for our students. The Lord is present in their lives and you are making a difference.




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