August update

Happy August, all! 

As summer winds down and the school year gears up, I just want to say thank you to those who continue to support me, and to those who are new who joined my team! The longer I do campus ministry, the more aware I become of the need for partnership in prayer, financial generosity, and relationship for the campuses. It's such a diverse place to be and an exciting arena to tell people about Jesus. As we enter the school year, please take time to ask God to soften hearts, and for boldness in all the campus ministries to tell people about Jesus and be friends with whom are willing. 

And now for my favorite part: an update! This time it's from an alumnae, Chelsea Davis. I was actually in FOCUS at the same time as Chelsea at UNT, and over time we have formed a neat relationship. Please take time to read her story. She is a smart girl who loves God and loves people. 

Welcome Week:

Okay, those of you who have been with me for a long time know that Welcome Week, aka the first unofficial week of school is where we build the majority of our ministry for the year. We meet people playing games, showing up to school sponsored events, get sunburned, ask a hundred people about their majors, and the list goes on! So, please pray for energy, boldness for our students and staff, and that the people who are looking for something, will find Jesus! 


This summer, my husband Grant and I had the opportunity to road trip around Scotland with two of our English friends, Tara & George. We were there a little less than a week, and we learned more about God and friendship, and had deep conversation with our English buds who happen not to be Christian but are open to meaningful conversation about life and philosophy. It was such a neat trip, and I'm so thankful to experience the way they served us by driving us around the whole time, feeding us, and loving us. Scotland was pretty cool too. They are dear friends and I hope they move to Texas someday. Please take a moment to pray for them. I want them to know how much God loves them. They are the best. 

St. Giles Church. This church was at least 500 years old or more. It was so neat to connect with our brothers and sisters from the past in this beautiful place of worship. I highly recommend it. 

Outside of St. Giles Church in Edinburgh

A group photo in Luss, Scotland


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