June and July update

Happy summer, y'all!

I am so excited to fill you in on things that have happened and things that are happening this summer with FOCUS. I always look forward to summer with the slower pace, more flexibility, and of course our Summer Focus Fellowship meetings. I love these because I get to interact with everyone from all the campuses, staff and students included.

Our June and July student testimonies:


SICM was amazing. Every year is, but every year is a little different. Thank you for praying for our students who got to go up there and learn more about discipleship. I have seen these students take initiative over the summer with meeting new people. I have seen them carpool together to drive 45 mins to Richardson for our fellowship meetings. I have seen them initiate bible studies. So thank you for partnering in prayer for them and this opportunity to learn more about God and who God wants them to be. 

Image may contain: 3 people, including Luisa Fernanda Castro and Shayla Trotter, people smiling, outdoor
Our Denton Crew at SICM


Heather is a sweet student has been around consistently this year at UNT. She has expressed many times that she is thankful for the friends that God has brought her through FOCUS. This sweet girl asked me to baptize her, and I'm thankful that she did. We did it quickly, as there was a crazy storm approaching on the horizon but the joy amongst friends as they prayed for her was apparent. 

Image may contain: 2 people, including Shayla Trotter, people smiling, people sitting and outdoor
Right after her baptism! Look at the storms in the back!

Thank you all for your prayers and support! 



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